Power supplies

Power supplies for FP-series PLCs and for general use
The power supplies FP0-PSA2 and FP-PS24-050E offer stable 24V DC for a wide range of industrial and home applications. Power supplies provide power for individual components as well as for complete systems in a reliable and efficient manner.

Product FP0-PSA2 FP-PS24-050E
Rated operating voltage 115 / 230V AC
Operating voltage range 85 to 265V AC
Current consumption 145mA 400mA
Over voltage protection Protected
Output voltage 24V DC
Output current 0.7A 2.1A
Short circuit protected Electronic, automatic, restart mode Continuous
Overload protected Yes, switch off at 0.8A or more Yes, switch off at 3.5A or more
Size 90 x 30.4 x 60mm 115 x 42 x 75mm
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